In a world where we are distancing from our core connection to nature is where we create a new environment where natural shapes are being praised.

Welcome to YANA. 

Here we are able to let our wildest fantasies and personal stories be translated into garments.

Hybrid merge between digital and physical will bring virtual layers close to the foundation of expression so that fashion can bring experience instead of materialistic items.

Come along with me on a journey to a new sustainable world and let me show you the possibilities of dressing virtually.

We proudly present YANA, a virtual avant garde collection created by Meggie van Zwieten. She sees digital fashion as a new medium which will offer a possibility to dress more sustainable and individually focussed within future existence.

With Meggie’s background as a digital artist, she wants to investigate whether fashion in the context of digital platforms can offer a new perspective. This relative to what physical clothing currently represents. Garments are currently often related to genders, stereotypes or cultural history. Clothing in the digital environment can offer the opportunity to explore new forms of clothing and break free from these associations.

Be part of the future and wear YANA.